Padel10 courts

With extensive experience working in metal structures and glassware, our company specialized in 2008 in the world of Padel. Our paddle tennis courts factory is located in Barcelona, ​​we design, manufacture and install paddle tennis courts with quality and guarantee as a basic premise.

With more than 10 years of experience, Padel10 is a leader in the International Market, for 4 years we have been the official paddle tennis court of the most important Paddle Circuit in the World, the World Padel Tour.  The year 2019 has been our record year in the sale of paddle tennis courts internationally.

Since 2018 we have exclusively enjoyed the privilege and guarantee of being the only company in the sector to receive approval by the prestigious  International Paddle Federation (FIP) , which implements a series of added benefits for our clients.

Our  tracks comply with all the regulations and 2020 rules of the FEP (Spanish Paddle Federation), the FIP (International Paddle Federation) and the World Padel Tour.

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