The TOP10 model is ideal for center courts where the influx of club audiences is focused. Also designed for unique spaces where every detail is taken care of, its spectacular design makes it ideal for this type of environment.


The Full Panoramic system offers a spectacular interior and exterior vision, both for the player and the spectator. This track is based on our WORLD PADEL TOUR model that allows at the same time a fantastic panoramic view for televised matches.


The upper and lower profile that surrounds the glass area is muscular, with high-quality finishes and details, and allows different personalized colors to be combined.

This track can be ordered with the side of 2 large 2x3m crystals , just as the World Padel Tour has done since 2017, this allows a greater lateral view of the game. It can also be ordered with the “traditional” finish, with a 2x3m side glass and the smaller 2x2m one.


The 2020 model includes the continuous side mesh, as recommended by the new regulations, and the windows are fully flush to avoid ball drift and player injury. Anti-vibration system of the structure, with reinforcement of the brackets at all joints.

Track suitable for outdoor and indoor installations.


All our tracks have been calculated by our engineers (wind, impacts ...) with all the documentation including the study of the track.


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TOP10 Panoramic


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