What kind of racket should you choose?

There are three basic kinds of Padel rackets


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Round: A "round" padel bat will give you a low balance and thus greater control, because sweetspottet is wider.

Diamond: A "diamond" will give you a higher balance toward the top of the bat and will give you more speed, but with less control.

Tear Drop: A "teardrop" bat form is the most commonly used in recent times. A hybrid between round and diamond-shaped, puts his balance in the middle and is known to have a good balance between control and power.

Whether you play a high level of padel or are a beginner, it is important that you choose the right bat. There are many different padel bat in different price ranges, so it is difficult to know which one's right for you. We are trying to sort out some basic concepts to help you choose. Select a bat that you like and enjoy the game. It is important to try and bat first. The very first thing to consider in your choice of padel bat is what level you play. Your padel bat must be appropriate for the level you are playing.

Padel players can roughly be divided into three levels: Beginner Intermediate Advanced/Professional You can Easily say that the levels are determined by the speed and power of the balls being played. In a battle at beginner level has the balls a slower speed and less effort than there are players at higher levels. Since we are getting better and moving to a higher level, we will beat faster, harder balls and use more advanced techniques in the game. The three forms which manufacturers use, makes it easier to know who to suit your level. Like everything else, we buy our padel bat should be of good quality and durable.

The demand for durability in combination with performance requirements means that producers must combine properties such as lysvægt, elasticity and stability. Design and choice of materials is essential in order to create a sustainable padel bat, which at the same time, speed and control during the game. The basic elements of a padel bat is the frame, the surface and the shaft.  The frame is the outer edge and is it which helps to give the bat the core strength and stability is the inside of the bat and can help to influence the battle force in terms of hardness and density.  The surface is the most important on the bat and there is where you take the ball and it gives a better feeling in battles regardless of design and material. 

he handle is usually packed with a rubbery Wrap that gives good friction. The handle also has a strap that fits around your wrist as collateral, which means that you do not lose padel bat.  Many padel bat is today made of carbon fiber in order to provide the best combination of stability, durability and low weight. Frame on padel bat is part of the bat, exposed to most whacking, when the bat hits the floor, walls or any other rack. In order to protect the frame further has the more costly Bullpadel-bat a lysmetal framework. You can also buy beskytterer separately and put on the outside of your bat. 

In General, the more fragile than padelbat a tennis racket. Unlike a tennis racket, which consists of a rigid frame and strings that can be easily replaced, consists a padel bat of softer materials and are more difficult to repair. Padel surface can be more or less hard, depending on the material. For example, a carbonfiberoverflade harder and less elastic than glass fibre surface. A softer, more elastic surface provides more energy to the ball and contributes to greater strength in battle. The hardness of the core material also affects the properties of the bat. The core is usually made from EVA (a type of rubber) or foam. EVA is harder and less elastic and gives less speed in battle. EVA gives way better ball control and longer shelf life. Most manufacturers use EVA. There are different variants of EVA with varying hardness.

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